The Lord’s Mercy… North Korea

…just a little longer… but only a little longer!


God is still keeping North Korea on my heart and mind…  I’ve been praying through several things, but particularly that the Lord would give a dream to Kim Jong-Un that would challenge him and open his eyes to the wrong he is doing as a leader of his nation – that he would actually see the suffering of the people.  I’ve been praying that he would have this dream every night until he does something about it!

Every time I think about the people of North Korea, I have such an urgency in my heart to see an end to this regime. I’m crying out for rescue for my brothers and sisters from oppression. I want it to end now! As I prayed the other day, though, I felt God say he was just giving Kim Jong-Un a little longer to turn to him. He is a merciful God, who desires that none should perish – not even a dictator.  We think in terms of physical perishing, but God sees the eternal. So, just a little longer… but only a little longer!

The other day as I prayed, I had a picture in my mind of two great bowls full of a glowing oil like substance.  Both bowls were brimming to overflowing.  Slowly the two bowls tipped and the liquid poured out over North Korea, mixing together as it flowed down.  I felt God say that these bowls contained judgement and mercy that was ready to be poured out on North Korea.  As I began to pray through the picture, I felt a further clarification that the bowls are an expression of justice and grace, filled in response to the prayers of His people all over the world.  The two outpourings are intermingled for the transformation of the nation and for His glory!

Lord, let your Justice be known in North Korea, bringing an end to evil, and may your Grace flow freely in that land, healing all wounds.

Time to Pray… North Korea

We thank you and all supporters in Christ who encourage and support our believers. Your prayer and support help our believers to be ready for the battle at the frontier.” an excerpt from the Open Doors Website

North Korea has been in the headlines frequently in the last months and I believe this isn’t just the media’s obsession with President Trump and the nuclear crisis.  I believe that the Lord is stirring something in His church with regards to North Korea and using the news to keep this small nation in our minds, lest we forget them.

That’s not a condemnation. It’s a recognition of reality. If you’re anything like me it’s easy to ignore anything that is out of your immediate world.  We are limited in our ability to care for those who are beyond our daily spheres.  Can you imagine how much prayer has gone up since Kim Jong-Un started his public missile tests and started threatening the world…

But we don’t really want to be praying in panic and fear every time someone reminds us of a potential global crisis.  We want to be praying consistently and effectively for our Lord’s glorious will to be done and His magnificent kingdom to come.  So, how can we pray effectively for North Korea in these days?

Well, let’s remember first and foremost that there are God’s people living in that dark land.  There is a faithful community of persecuted Christians crying out to God to rescue them.  The first thing we can do is stand and agree with them before the throne of God for His rescuing power to be manifest.  If you want some insight in their situation to help you pray with them, check out Open Doors resources on

Your prayers and support make a real difference to believers in North Korea. One shared with us: “Whenever we faced difficult situations you supported our North Korean underground believers so that we could break through all difficulties with courage and spiritual power in Christ. We thank you and all supporters in Christ who encourage and support our believers. Your prayer and support help our believers to be ready for the battle at the frontier.” an excerpt from the Open Doors Website

Let’s not just pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea but with them as well!

Look Up!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

I live with the knowledge that my Jesus has conquered death, conquered sin, conquered fear.  My God is compassionate and gracious – and so far greater than any political, religious or spiritual power that the Bible tells us He laughs at those who set themselves up against Him.  And the best news is He is not simply my God, created in my image according to my understanding and expectations – no!  He created me in His image, He has made me His child.  Every battle I think I face is His battle.  Everything belongs to Him.  He chooses to reveal His thoughts and plans and His very nature to us.

What an amazing God we serve.  I will fix my eyes on Him and keep praying.

Your Kingdom come, Lord and Your Will be done!  Lord, we need some Heaven here on earth!

That was the end of my last post in July 2017.  Reading it again as I metaphorically take up my pen in this new year, I was struck again by the hope that we have as Christians.  How amazing it is that in the face of a world seemingly gone mad – that has always been mad – we know that the Lord knows everything that is happening… and He has a plan!

In the book of Jeremiah there is a promise.  In the midst of war and disaster that could not be turned aside, this is that glorious promise:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  In those days when you pray, I will listen.  If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.  I will be found by you,” says the LORD. (Jeremiah 29v11-14 NLT)

This promise was given to those who were in exile.  It was not a promise for their immediate rescue – the judgement on the nation still had to run its course.  The people had not turned back to God as they faced the destruction of their land.  There had been many false prophets telling them that there would be peace, that God would rescue them from their enemies, but their lies ignored the need for repentance and so they blocked God’s mercy.  And yet, even as the Lord pronounced His judgement through Jeremiah, He declares His desire to bless, His plans for good.

Throughout His judgement He was looking for His people to turn back to Him, to seek Him, to change their ways – He was looking for the opportunity to show mercy.  When I see the obvious evil all around locally, nationally and globally through individuals and institutions – I feel a cry rise up for justice!  As I look at the world, at the political strife, the natural (or unnatural!) disasters, the pain, the suffering of so many – I feel a cry rise up for mercy!

How wonderful to know that we have a just God.

How amazing to know that we have a merciful God.

How incredible that through faith in Jesus we can be rescued from judgement, reconciled with our Creator, restored to our inheritance.

As we pray for this world, let’s fix our eyes on Jesus.  Look up at Him as He sits on the throne of grace, the Lion of Judah, who looks like a lamb that was slain.