Spring Rains

…no apologies: This is another post about the drought and famines in East Africa…


I worry that perhaps it is a bit boring for anyone following this blog that I have been writing about the same thing for the last few posts… and then I remember why I’m writing.  This is a space to think through why & how I pray.  I want to explore and meditate on the need I’m responding to.  I need to share God’s heart and receive insight.  And… I haven’t finished praying for this need yet!

So, no apologies: This is another post about the drought and famines in East Africa.

I heard another news report on the situation in the region and I was challenged to keep praying for rain… why?  Because it’s almost the rain season!  I hadn’t thought about it properly before, I’d just focused on the fact that it hadn’t rained for so many years, and not considered that there is an actual time when they should normally get rain.  Foolish of me.  The reason for that oversight is simply this: in my country it pretty much rains every week, except at the height of summer – and some years even then!  How different our worlds are.

And that’s a useful lesson for me to remember.  It is important to recognise that, although we are all the same in essence as people, other people’s experience may be very different from mine.  I need to put myself in their situation, not imagine them in mine.

Lord, I pray that this April and May the rains will fall in east Africa.  That they will soak the land, bringing life, enabling crops to grow and grass to be abundant for the herds.  May the streams and rivers flow, carrying hope.  Please give wisdom to the farmers and herdsmen as they take advantage of the new growth that the rains bring.  May they praise Your name when they see Your provision.

Lord, please MAKE IT RAIN!

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