Pray for Rain

I am praying for timely rain, in the right places and in the right quantities to sooth the parched land.

Today at the end of my lunch hour at work I was listening to the news bulletin on UCB. The headline story was the imminent famine in Somalia. The spokesman from a charity working in the area was talking about the immediate needs, the resources required to help the people.  And then he said, “They need it to rain.”

It got me thinking as I was driving home.  Of course, I want to help practically if I can – giving to the charities working in the area is a start.  But they need it to rain.  There hasn’t been enough rain in Somalia for 3 years.  No one can make it rain.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have, we can’t control the weather.

But God can.

So today I am praying for rain.  I am praying for timely rain, in the right places and in the right quantities to sooth the parched land.  I am praying for spring rains that refresh.  I am praying for miraculous rains that bring life.

I know that there are Christians in Somalia who will be praying.  I believe they are praying for rain.  So I will stand with them and agree in prayer, believing that our Creator God is able and willing to send the rain on their land.  This is a powerful dimension of intercession.  We can agree with our brothers and sisters all over the world by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Neither distance nor difference can stop us being of one heart and mind if we are listening to Jesus as He intercedes for us before the Throne.

It says in the Bible that God makes it rain on the righteous and the unrighteous alike.  I am praying His blessing of rain on everyone in Somalia.

I live in a land blessed with abundant rains (most of the time)…  I share that blessing with the people of Somalia.  LORD, LET IT RAIN!

I haven’t spent hours researching what is happening in Somalia, but I know a bit.  I’m aware it’s a place where there is very little rule of law.  Wide spread violence and political turmoil compound the problems of the ordinary people.  According to Oxfam, famine only occurs when there is political failure.  I’m concerned that it’s going to be difficult for aid to reach those most in need because of this.  But rain… nothing can stop the rain!

There is so much we need to pray for Somalia, but this is where I am starting.

Join me in #praying for rain.

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