Beginning to Pray

Since I was young I have been watching the news and hearing stories about the problems of people and nations around the world and I’ve wondered what I can do.  There are many practical things that we can get involved in but as someone called to pray and intercede, I believe the most powerful thing we can do is call on our Father and allow Him to stir our hearts and to join with Him in His tranformational work.

Over the years I’ve had the privellege to pray with many intercessors in local, national and international spheres.  The great thing about prayer, though, is that all Chrisitans can get involved.  It’s the Father’s power that makes the difference and the sincerity of our hearts when we pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done”.

This blog is my personal prayer journey.  I’ll be sharing my own prayers for global issues, my questions and thoughts, my understanding about prayer in a global context and any insights I feel Father gives me.

As I explore the call I feel to pray, as I respond in my heart and through prayer to the needs I see in the world around and as I step forward in listening to Father’s perspective and wisdom, I will share this journey with you in the hope that I can inspire you to join in with your own prayers.  Perhaps together we can be part of making a difference to this world that so desperately needs Heaven on earth.


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